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Conformity retrofitting for all packaging types - Overprinting


Customization - Delayed Differentiation


Small quantities for regulatory registration

Decorative silkscreen printing

Industrial marking

Custom packaging

Labels and relabelling

Our commitments


Thanks to our professionalism and technical expertise,
we collaborate daily with a number of
cosmetics, pharmaceutical and high-end agro-food brands.


Production and quality monitoring

We follow extremely strict procedures and when necessary operate under the guidance of a supervising pharmacist sent to our facility, providing a production follow-up and quality review report upon completion.



A price simulation and quote is sent within 24 hours of receiving all requested documents.

OVERPRINT is accustomed to handling urgent jobs: we can perform a dry run within 24 to 72 hours.

Cost control


Our services often provide, higher quality at lower prices than many alternative solutions, such as adhesive labeling.


On which media?

collapsed or pre-formed cases, varnished or plastic-coated, plastic or aluminium tubes, aerosols, plastic or metal cans, glass or plastic bottles.

Empty or filled?

Also on leaflets, brochures, booklets, advertising displays, and publicity materials.

Starting at what number of units ordered?

From 1 to several millions depending on the process used.
Maximum previously achieved: 12 million.

How long are turnaround times?

Work can begin within 24 to 72 hours.

Is there any risk of finished products being deteriorated?

We don’t use heat sources to dry inks.
When the medium or products contained in packaging are fragile, specifications are validated with the customer before launching production.

Preliminary tests?

Digital simulations (approval to print) are carried out for each production run, enabling the customer to visualize the final result.
If the customer wishes to carry out test mock-ups (print proofs), that is also an option.
Once the customer has validated and signed off on the print approval, production can safely get underway.

What’s the spoiling rate?

OVERPRINT has a spoiling rate ranging from 0.5% to 3%.

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