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The OVERPRINT company was founded by Yves Ismaël.

A technical and business engineer, Mr. Ismaël worked for many years in the north of France for a prominent industrial printing company. Travelling extensively throughout the country, he became aware of a major recurring problem experienced by his clients: difficulties storing tons of printed packaging that couldn’t be put to market due to legal amendments rendering it obsolete.

In the mid-1990s, he commissioned a major Paris business school to conduct a market study. A sample of 50 companies covering every sector of the economy dealing with packaging was surveyed. Several questions were put to company directors, marketing managers and packaging purchasing managers. The study highlighted 4 major points:

95% – Percentage of companies forced to discard obsolete packaging and replace it with new packaging.


3 to 5 cm²– Maximum dimensions requiring alterations to packaging, most often due to the following issues: incorrect barcode, change of address, incorrect volume, modified list of contents, expired promotional offer, etc.


– Number of existing businesses that take these packages and bring them into conformity.


Monthly – Frequency with which a significant majority of companies destroy non-compliant packaging.

Encouraged by the study, and following several months of analysis and research, Yves Ismaël set out to devise new machines capable of masking faulty printouts by overprinting them with new compliant texts able to be printed onto any type of collapsed or pre-formed media.

To satisfy industrial requirements and manage large packaging runs, he invented, 25 years ago, an innovative patented solution that a few months later would become the first prototype of the overprinting machine.


And thus, the packaging conformity retrofit process was created.


Giving new life to packaging planned to be thrown away served two purposes dear to Yves Ismaël :
– to save his customers money by reprocessing their obsolete packaging
– sustainably reduce industrial pollution by promoting the preservation of nature and the environment.

Today the OVERPRINT company counts among its hundreds of customers the most renowned brands in the fields of pharmaceuticals, the high-end agro-food industry and cosmetics.

Thanks to its patented overprinting process, the OVERPRINT company brings millions of packages back into conformity every year, with a special focus on the protection of nature and the environment through its Imprim’vert-certified concepts and technologies.

It is the market leader in the transformation and salvage of non-compliant packaging.

OVERPRINT, a forward-looking company.


OVERPRINT carries forward on its path towards a more responsible economy, firm in its commitment to keep on innovating for nature and the environment. OVERPRINT already uses food grade inks, all water-based and free of solvents, and is developing new units with a controlled carbon footprint, just like our future production line designed from the ground up with laser printing technology.


Historically based in Antibes, the OVERPRINT company is a partner of and Région Sud within the framework of the Côte d’Azur’s SME business catalyst program.

OVERPRINT is your preferred partner
when it comes to streamlining your supply chain
and avoiding flow disruptions.


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